Tamura-Europe Ltd. is part of the Tamura Corporation, a world-class manufacturer of high quality electronic components for the global industrial, telecom and consumer markets. As part of the Tamura Corporation we invest in our customers’ future by providing an avenue of product development that promotes local engineering, low cost manufacturing coupled with local logistics, technical and quality support.






Tamura-Europe Ltd. is committed to support its customer base in Europe, North America, Asia and India. This is achieved through our network of regional offices covering design, engineering, quality and technical sales. Our aim is to provide customers with a selection of catalogue and custom designed products, engineered to meet with customers’ specific design and cost requirements, while ensuring the highest level of quality.

Picture of a machine in Znojmo - Czech Republic






Tamura-Europe Ltd. has a long-standing commitment to quality. This is a characteristic maintained to the highest level in all Tamura Corporation facilities from Design to Manufacturing, embodied by the Corporation statement „Customer & Quality First”. Our aim is to maintain an environment of continuous improvement ensuring the highest level of service, design, manufacturing and delivery performance. Tamura-Europe Ltd. is certified to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and has extensive experience working with European and Worldwide safety certification agencies.

Look into the czech factory






Tamura-Europe Ltd. together with Tamura Corporation has created some of the most automated and advanced manufacturing facilities in the business. With locations in Czech Republic, China, Mexico, Malaysia and Japan, we offer a wide range of capabilities, services and low-cost solutions to meet customers’ requirements. As part of a global Corporation we work as a single cohesive unit, able to support each other with raw materials right through to finished assemblies, enabling us as a whole to manufacture over 1 million items a day.